Infertility / sub fertility 


Many women are delaying their pregnancies until their thirties and may encounter difficulties as they transition off the pill with a view to getting pregnant .

There may be many reasons for this , which might just sometimes be a normal physiological response as the body readapts off the pill.

However , it is also important that if there are any concerns that you would get an endocrine opinion .

This involves a detailed assessment , looking at many potential hormone responses and pathways that may play a role in sub fertility .

My role is not to provide a fertility service but to make the appropriate evaluations , optimise certain treatment interventions and then , once that is done , and if necessary then to refer you for treatment to a fertility specialist.




Meet the consultant

Dr Maeve Durkan
MBBS.(Hons), FACP, Mmed.Ed

Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism

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