What CDEC offers for type 1 diabetes


We currently have over 200 individuals with type 1 diabetes attending the Diabetes service here (correct as of July 2015).


Type 1 diabetes is a lifelong condition which can be very challenging to control. The avoidance of low blood sugars is as important as preventing high readings. It is clear that no two people with type 1 diabetes are the same and this forms the basis for our main approach here – the individualisation of care for people with diabetes. To this end, we aim to develop an agreed plan specific the each individual’s diabetes.

A major advantage of our Service is ease of access to Healthcare professionals such as Consultant Endocrinologist, Diabetes Nurse Specialist, etc. and also consistency in the members of staff. It can be very frustrating for people with diabetes to meet a different person everytime they come to clinic and an advantage of our service here is that we can avoid the often unnecessary repetition and spend all the time focusing on ensuring that care is optimised. This is particularly important also for individuals with Type 1 diabetes. We aim to create and develop an environment whereby patients feel a great degree of trust in and support from the various relevant members of the Diabetes Healthcare Team here. There is daily communication between Consultant Endocrinologist so any patient the diabetes nurse is concerned about can be discussed and a plan made in an efficient manner.


A full package of bloods and urine for all the relevant tests relating to diabetes control (eg. HbA1c, Fbc, kidney profile, cholesterol profile, thyroid function tests, urine assessment for microalbuminuria etc) is available for a cost of E35. This can be done by turning up to the pathology department in the Bon Secours Hospital with a form from Dr. O’Sullivan or Dr. Durkan which can be posted out to your address. No appointment is needed and results are back within 48 hours.

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